About Us

Hi All.
  we at Goats milk soap import direct from Ireland Our Goats milk Soap.
The Story Behind Lackenlake Goats Milk Soap…
Our Real Goats Milk Soap is handmade in Ireland, in the beautiful Cavan countryside, using milk from our very own prize winning herd of pedigree British Saanen goats.
My story began back around 2008. I had such a fascination with goats, that I just had to get some. I started to drink the milk, to try and improve the very bad eczema which I had suffered with for many years. Having heard about the benefits of using Goats Milk Soap for many skin conditions I set about researching it.I found out it can be very helpful for people with conditions such as Eczema , Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Acne and it also has anti- aging properties.
So I decided to make some for myself. After about a month of using the soap, my skin was much better. I continue to use it to this day.
My eczema kept improving all of the time with continuous use. I now no longer have any problems with my skin. Also over the years I have helped many family and friends. Our aim at Lackenlake Goats is to help improve the lives of many people , in promoting healthy skin. We do not claim to have a cure for these conditions. But using Goats Milk Soap has been proven to greatly alleviate some of the symptoms.